Conviction Integrity Unit
Application For Review

The following basic criteria must apply:

  • The Conviction must have occurred in Middlesex County.

  • The Defendant must face a restraint of liberty.

  • The application presents a post-conviction claim of factual innocence or a potential miscarriage of justice.

If you are currently represented by an attorney, the CIU will only communicate with your attorney. If represented, this form should be submitted by your attorney. Please be advised that the CIU is part of the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and does not represent applicants.

In lieu of the online application, a PDF version is available for download.

Online Application

Nature of Claim

Please give as much information as possible. Please remember that the CIU does not represent the defendant.
* Please attach any additional documents that may be helpful in reviewing your claim. You may supplement this application with additional documents at any time while your claim is pending.

Application Waiver

*The defendant must agree to and check each of the following statements
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