The Review Process

Review Process

It is District Attorney Ryan’s firm belief that basic fairness requires that prosecutors’ offices be willing to step back and review their work. In order to ensure the integrity of all convictions in Middlesex County, the Conviction Integrity Unit undertakes reviews of (1) requests for post-conviction forensic testing, (2) claimed factual innocence, and (3) claimed miscarriages of justice.

In all cases, parties submitting a case to the CIU for review should submit an “Application for Review” to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office. The application may be submitted by a convicted defendant, a family member, or an attorney who represented or currently represents the convicted defendant.

We are all better served when the system works fairly and verdicts are unassailable.
— Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan

For cases to be eligible for review, the following basic criteria must apply:

  1. The conviction must have occurred in Middlesex County;

  2. The defendant must face a restraint of liberty; and

  3. The application must present a post-conviction claim of factual innocence or describe a potential miscarriage of justice.

An applicant does not need to be represented by an attorney. However, if represented by an attorney, the application and request for review should be submitted by that attorney and all communication with the CIU should be through that attorney. Please be advised that the CIU is part of the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and does not represent applicants.

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