Serving the People of Middlesex County

How the CIU Serves Middlesex County

The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to identifying potential wrongful convictions and facilitating access to post-conviction DNA testing for viable innocence claims. In 2013, District Attorney Ryan established Middlesex County's first Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) to review post-conviction claims of actual innocence. The MDAO serves the 54 diverse cities and towns within Middlesex County.

Fair & Comprehensive

The CIU was devised to minimize the impact of cognitive biases and respond to such claims in a fair, efficient, and comprehensive manner.

Review Claims of Factual Innocence

The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office CIU is charged with reviewing claims of factual innocence, cases which challenge the integrity of the prosecution/investigation, and requests for post-conviction forensic testing pursuant to G.L. c. 278A. The CIU also reviews Rule 30 motions that include a credible claim of factual innocence.